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Friday the 13th Status Messages – Funny Quotes and Facebook Status

Friday the 13th Status Messages

Friday the 13th Message, Saying, Funny Quotes, Greetings Image & Photo! In this content we going to share of Friday the 13th Funny Quotes, Message, Social Status, Image, Wallpaper and Photo. Today the 13th December as known as inauspicious day in many western countries. In western countries many people believe that Friday the 13th means bad luck. According to these people this day bring bad luck for people. So, many people who believe in this day they are celebrate Friday the 13th day to aware about this day. Here we share some best Friday the 13th Message, Funny Quotes, Saying, Image, Facebook cover photo, Wallpaper to wish your friends, family, neighbor and loved.

Friday the 13th Status Messages, Greetings Image, Funny Quotes, Wishes, Saying & Image

“Today is the day to stay home and do nothing because anything you do can bring you bad luck…. Happy Friday the 13th to you.”


“If you think that something bad is going to happen to you then it will certainly happen and it will not wait for Friday the 13th to come.”

Friday the 13th Greetings

“It is going to another blessed day added to our lives by the Almighty…. Best wishes on Friday the 13th to you.”


“It will be as beautiful as any other day, it will bring as much happiness as any other day….. Wishing a very Happy Friday the 13th.”

Friday the 13th Facebook Status Messages

“There is no room for rationality in superstition and therefore, the fear behind Friday the 13th has no logic to prove it right.”


“Cross no roads, catch no buses, ride no horses, drink no water….. OMG it is Friday the 13th and we have all reasons to keep ourselves safe.”

Friday the 13th Image

“It is just another day, just another date which comes quite a few times every year….. Live it like any other day…. Happy Friday the 13th.”


“No one else is unfair to Friday the 13th, the sun doesn’t refuse to rise, the flowers don’t refuse to bloom so what makes it so unlucky!!!”


Friday the 13th Funny Quotes

“In reality, we all are lucky and no date can make us unlucky but our thoughts can make us stupid for sure…. Happy Friday the 13th.”


“Don’t fear Friday the 13th but embrace it just like any other day to see that even it can be lucky for you in some ways.”


“Friday the 13th is a reminder that we are still illogical and irrational despite being so well educated and successful.”


“The only reason to fear Friday the 13th is that we have been fearing it for no reason for so many years.”


So, collect your favorite Friday the 13th Message, Saying, Funny Quotes, Greetings Image & Photo and send to your all friends, family and loved.

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